Self-portrait in gouache

Self-portrait 2004

A sudden urge to paint made me do a self-portrait. I only had gouache at hand, hence the unorthodox choice of paint on canvas.


Coins for Trenne Byar

Trenne Byar coins

I designed these coins for the fantasy live role play Trenne Byar (Three Villages) which took place in the summer of 1994, close to Ludvika, Dalarna, Sweden. The planning of the event took around two years and was attended by more than a thousand people. The first and largest of the villages was Vidhamn, were taverns offered proper meals and jugs …

The Cave II

The Cave II

I made a series of oils as a child. Some of them I have no memories of, but this one stuck. It was in 1976 and I was around three and a half. It was based off an image from a dream that had made a deep impression. I remember wanting to recreate that suggestive feeling in reality, capture it. …